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Our Message of Doctrine


We believe in the inspiration, inerrancy and infallible authority of Holy Scripture; in the one true and living God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) whom we worship and serve; in the sinfulness and depravity of man; in the divine glory, full essential deity, virgin birth, perfect and holy life, sacrificial death, bodily resurrection and supreme Lordship of Jesus Christ our Savior; in the sovereign grace and ministry of the Holy Spirit; in the gospel of salvation by grace through faith; in the practice of godliness in obedience to Christ and the law of God; in the unity and purity of the Church; in the great commission; and in the blessed hope of the return of Jesus Christ in power and glory.

We are an Independent Puritan and Reformed Church committed to true and Godly worship, the faithful preaching and exposition of scripture, the fellowship of the saints, a ministry of Biblical counseling for the building up of Christian families, the defense of God's truth in an age of sin and compromise, and the application of God's Word to all life to the Glory of God.